Funeral Flowers by Pinks Florists

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Pinks funeral flower collection includes a wide selection of flowers which will be designed specifically for your funeral service.

They can be delivered to the funeral directors or to the home address prior to the service.

We recommend that you place your order at least two working days prior to the required delivery date. For large floral tributes, bespoke or 3D tributes please order 5 days prior to the funeral date.

Funeral Flowers and Tributes are purely about the individual

Losing a loved one is difficult, sending flowers is a meaningful gesture that can provide comfort to those who are grieving. Funeral flowers provide a touching personal tribute. The types of flowers you choose can express your particular sentiments.

Believe in Pinks!

Looking for flowers for a lost loved one?

We can lovingly create traditional arrangements, casket sprays and wreaths. We also specialise in bespoke floral tributes in any shape to truly reflect your loved ones personality.

Double Ended Spray SYM-313
from £175.00
Posy SYM-346
from £55.00
Eco Wreath SYM-354
from £145.00
Posy SYM-344
from £75.00
Tied Sheaf SYM-337
from £55.00
Posy SYM-345
from £45.00
Single Ended Spray SYM-302
from £85.00
Single Ended Spray SYM-307
from £65.00
Wreath SYM-316
from £95.00
Single Ended Spray SYM-306
from £200.00
Wreath SYM-315
from £65.00
Wreath SYM-320
from £75.00
Heart SYM-323
from £135.00
Posy SYM-342
from £40.00
Wreath SYM-317
from £95.00
Eco Spray SYM-352
from £95.00
Heart SYM-325
from £85.00
Pillow SYM-331
from £125.00
Tied Sheaf SYM-339
from £45.00
Tied Sheaf SYM-338
from £55.00
Single Ended Spray SYM-301
from £95.00
Single Ended Spray SYM-305
from £250.00
Single Ended Spray SYM-303
from £95.00
Letters SYM-341
from £150.00
Wreath SYM-321
from £95.00